Posted by: picanini | July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I’ve been a bad blogger of late, I know. Just when we were starting to get better from the nasty virus that’s been going around school (more than half of Ruby’s class were away for a week – more than 1/4 of the students throughout the whole school were away that week!), DH bought the flu home from work.

Sewing and knitting have been the only bit of sanity throughout! I finished Finn’s vest and then started another for Gannon. The pic is terrible as I took it tonight in a badly lit area, I haven’t blocked it and yes –  I pinned it down for the photo. But there it is.

I managed to cut and partly sew this Insa skirt for Ruby. I had to make a couple of trips for fabric, trims and embroidery threads – I don’t have much in the way of woven solid colours (plenty of knits, but not wovens in block colours) and not really any machine embroidery thread to speak of. Special trips to finish things are pretty unusual – as my stash usually has everything I need.

I have also almost finished this “Little Woo” (pattern by Figgy’s)…I think it must be out of print. I’ve had this stashed away for probably a couple of years. Like alot of people who’ve made the pattern, I found it a bit painful. But it is pretty! And Ruby loves it already – she was very excited with the Princess and the Pea fabric (from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away II collection in my hoard stash).

I did the size 6, but it is quite a bit too big. The length doesn’t matter in the body – it just looks a little like a dress. But I had to take up the sleeves – made VERY easy with my fabulous Bernina’s edgestitch foot and blind-stitching.

I don’t know if you can see the tiny perfect stitches – it is beautiful! Do you get that excited about something like this?


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