Posted by: picanini | August 14, 2012

A bit of experimenting

I’ve been planning for a while now to add some new pads to my range.

I’ve been working on a new design for postpartum/overnight pads for quite a while (since Finn was born – that’s over 4 years ago!) as well as some different lengths etc, but these  that I’m working on right now are a different style of pad – fold up pads.

These fold up pads don’t have PUL. They’re cotton print and bamboo/organic fleece with a shaped top like other pads, but attatched is a trifold booster that you fold when using, then open up to wash and dry – making them much quicker to dry than pads that have several layers  of absorbent fabrics sandwiched together with PUL backing. They’re also great cause I get to show off the lovely decorative stitching my lovely Bernina does.

I also received a box of goodies today! There’s quite a bit of Dr Suess stuff coming in here at the moment – I just listed an assortment of Cat in the Hat minky last night.


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