Posted by: picanini | August 20, 2012

Book week 2012 – Champions read

I don’t know what your kids are like, but mine like to think about their book week costumes WELL in advance.

Gannon has been planning on going as Tintin for quite a while. He’s been an avid Tintin reader for a few years now, (he inherited a number of books from his dad’s childhood which started it all) and this has only been egged on by the recent movie. His costume was pretty easy – I went to one of the big department stores and purchased the pants on winter clearance for $10.  They’re a nice pair that should see him through the rest of this winter and probably the next too.  Added a white “school” polo shirt from the same shop and one of his own tshirts (and a dash of gel for the hair).

Ruby’s costume I made yesterday. She’s finally decided to go as Alice in Wonderland.

I used this old pattern I got at the opshop several years ago to make the bodice. I had to change the neckline, then draft a Peter Pan style collar and redraft the sleeves to make them a little “poufy”. Oh, and draft my own facing as well. I made the skirt fuller than the pattern piece and added a zip closure rather than buttons.  I based in on the size 7 pattern, but I probably should have done size 6 as it’s quite big on her.

There was talk about going as Jasmine in Deltora Quest, which probably would have been easier (sewing a cape!), but I think she looks quite cute as Alice. The apron was one I’ve had for years in the cupboard (I think it came with a matching tablecloth), that I altered to fit.

Are your kids dressing up for book week? Are you?


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