Posted by: picanini | August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday….

I’ve been putting off making soap for months, and I can’t do it any longer – we’re almost out.  I keep putting it off, cause I prefer to make soap when it’s just me – no interruptions. This is seeming to be impossible (Ruby had croup last night  – yes, even though she’s 6! She was up for quite a while in the night, so I kept her home thismorning). I just had to do it anyway – thankyou ABC 3 for making it happen.

Today it’s a mostly olive oil soap for Richard and I (with a bit of coconut for lather, some avocado for extra moisture, red palm oil for hardness). I think the red palm and avocado account for the yellowy colour. When it’s slightly hardened, I’ll cut it up into bars. They’re not the pretties soap bars, but they work very well and are nice to use and leave your skin clean but not dry.

I started making soap when Finn was a little bub. His skin was (and still is!) very sensitive – Goat’s milk soap seemed to be the only thing that agreed with it. As you may know, it’s quite expensive. I’d thought about making my own soap for a while, and this was the push I needed.  I now make all our own soap.

If you’ve ever thought about it, give it a try. It’s not hard – just follow the instructions (you’ll find plenty of info on the web) and be safety conscious and you’ll be fine. I use mostly oils that I can buy at my local supermarket, old containers from around the house and an old loaf tin.

I’ve also been cutting out some foldup pads. I was REALLY pleased with how the tester turned out. It’s very comfy and quick drying. There is a little nod to Book Week in there.


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