Posted by: picanini | August 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday…

This week has seen me working mostly on the new fold-up pads. Funny how something that went off without a drama first time round can cause a few headaches when you try it on a bigger scale. Nothing serious – just a few little things I’ve learnt I need to watch out for when making them


(like one of the most basic things like making sure I have the 2 seperate pieces facing the correct way when sewing them together!). Oopsie.

I’ve also been through this lovely Japanese pattern book I borrowed from the library (translated into English, thankfully) and have traced out a couple of patterns – I’ve yet to find the fabric I have planned to use for one…my fabric stash is a little *ahem* large and a bit all over the place still with lots of it still in boxes.

I’ve also been doing lots of that boring stuff – cutting out cores and PUL linings for pads, as I’m hoping to get a good number of pads in stock for the Nappy Hunt, which officially starts on Saturday (though they’ve already got Sponsors of the day happening). Tommorrow I have to choose some fabrics to cut and sew. I’ll try and get some sneak peaks on here.



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