Posted by: picanini | September 9, 2012


do you remember back to the time when all you had to do was decide whether you would read a book in bed or in the bath, or go out with friends for coffee? The last few weeks have been non-stop busy weekends, this Saturday didn’t start any different. We had a soccer gala day that went from 9 – 12.30 on Saturday morning, but that was it till the School music spectacular thisafternoon/evening from 4.30-7pm. We did some boring catching up on house stuff yesterday afternoon and took our borrowed 3 legged dog for a walk. And we decided not to do too much thismorning. I did a little sewing, Richard did a little study.

A weekend without a scheduled “fun” activity is considered by the kids to be boring, so we decided we would mosey on over to the Riverfest festival at River Heads. River Heads is about 15 minutes out from Hervey Bay, and it’s where the ferries leave for Fraser Island. It has some spectacular views (it unfortunately has plenty of nasty midgies ) – I took these as we were driving through on my mobile phone camera.

You can see Fraser Island on the other side of the water.

Have I told you that I’ve still never been to Fraser Island despite living within an hour of transport to it for the last 10 years?!

I’m not sure if we just arrived at a quieter time (a bit before 2, on the 2nd day of the event), or if it was a more subdued affair and there weren’t many activities scheduled (I suspect the former). But the kids still had fun. This is Finn and Ruby’s best attempt at a scarey pirate faces.

Gannon certainly had fun!

Can you guess what kind of tree this was shading the park?

Some hints

Need more?


Whilst it wasn’t what we were going for, the kids certainly enjoyed their unplanned fun.

What did you get up to this weekend?


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