Posted by: picanini | September 25, 2012

How many fabric shops can you visit in one day?

I had a list of 11, but I didn’t get through them all.

I still managed a good number though! I didn’t buy things at some of them, but it was fun to look.  Oh, the divine embroidered silks at the fabric store. The number of amazingly soft chiffons, satins and organzas.  Luckily for my credit card bill, there was a huge storm coming and I was keen to get going back home. I only found out recently that they’d opened up in Brissie –  Lesley mentioned it when she was talking about the wedding outfits she made for her DD’s wedding.  I’ve been wanting to go to the Sydney store for YEARS. I see their adds in the Sydney Morning Herald each weekend, and have been planning a visit to the Sydney store next time we go down to Sydney…this Christmas, after 4 years! ***Please ignore the overlocking – it’s done so they could be washed and not unravel. Yes, even my silks. I intend to wash them after I wear them, not dry clean them.***

I got these gorgeous silks. The dotty fabric was from The Fabric Shop (above) – I think it might charmeuse. It’s incredibly lightweight and gorgeously satiny soft. The plain purple is a habutae and even lighter. I got the purple actually the day before in my old stomping ground Spotlight in Kawana Waters – it was reduced from $30 to $15/mtr, and I then used my 25% off coupon they emailed for this piece. I should say that if you’re after a great selection of different types of fabrics, this store is pretty good. These are both destined to be summer dresses, with some more silk organza (cream that I also purchased at TFS) as a full slip underneath. I’ve got a few dresses in the works that will need  a slip underneath.

Here’s another closer shot.

I got these lovely cotton/linens at Spotlight in Indoroopilly. I’d actually bought the bolts over to purchase enough for a dress from each (they were on sale down from $12 to $9/mtre I think), but each bolt had less than that. The aqua I got a metre, the navy blue 80cms. But the best thing was that the girl sold them as remanents for $2/metre each! So I’ll get a couple of nice tops or a top and skirt for under $4.

These 2 cute poplins I got with my boys in mind – particularly Finn. But I think Gannon would quite like a nice collared shirt from the Robot print.  This was also from the Spotlight at Indoroopilly.

These were bought for some projects in mind for a couple of projects coming up…

These are both cotton drills – one for something for Ruby (skirt or capris maybe), and I know Gannon and Finn will both love this army parachute man prints. They had other army men figurine style prints, but they had guns – so I wasn’t keen.

These are some of the Denise Schmidt Flea Market Fancy quilting fabrics. They were all marked down, and I would have liked to have got more but  my ridiculously huge fabric stash really cannot justify it. Maybe I’ll make a quilt…or maybe I’ll make a strip-work skirt.

And sorry about the terrible pic, but I almost forgot this gorgeous 98%merino wool knit. I got it from TFS – can you believe it was reduced down to $10/mtr – it was $30. I went a little mad, and bought 4 metres of it. I mostly bought it for singlets for my kids and nieces and nephews next winter. But I thought maybe I can make myself a nice cardy and/or wrap top with it for a little warmth in summer. It’s got the old fashion little diamondy pattern in it. Camera doesn’t want to play nice with a close-up.

I wasn’t sure this was all going to happen, otherwise you would have been hearing about it – hello, Brisbane. Fabric shopping! I’ve been feeling pretty rotten for the last few months – I haven’t been able to shake my cough/ and on and off fever. I went to the Dr finally a couple of weeks ago, who said I had bronchitis and put me on antibiotics and changed my asthma medication. It took a while to kick in, but I was finally feeling not too bad on the weekend.  Before that, I really didn’t think I was going to be physically up to a long day in Brisbane. I actually asked my parents if they could look after the kids for a couple more days cause I didn’t think I’d be up to coping for the whole week without Richard.

I left the kids on Monday at my parents at 5am to take DH to Brisbane (to meet someone for a lift to Toowoomba) and they have stayed there.  Today I have done some sewing, cutting, pottering, napping, errands and excercise. I haven’t had to cook dinner. I haven’t had to adjudicate fights. I haven’t had to pick anyone up from anywhere. I haven’t had to ask anyone to do anything. I haven’t had to get anyone anything.

My parents are bringing them back tomorrow afternoon. I can’t remember the last time I had this much time to myself – the place is eerily quiet!


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