Posted by: picanini | October 9, 2012

Hair today…

gone tommorrow!

As a young girl, I had a very good friend that was diagnosed with cancer. She endured surgery and from memory a couple of years of chemo. She lost all her beautiful golden hair, and wore a couple of wigs. She wasn’t the first, or the last person in my life to have to deal with cancer and the loss of her hair. So it was a no brainer when I saw the Beautiful Lengths campaign, to make wigs from real hair for those dealing with the loss of the hair from cancer, to cut my hair and donate it.

I needed a haircut, and I’m lucky that mine is going to grow back without too much drama. I’ve also got to get in pretty soon, as my hair is starting to show it’s age (you can’t donate hair that’s more than 5% grey)…

Don’t tell anyone, but I actually used my sewing scissors for something other than cutting fabric! I think I’ll stick to cutting fabric only in future – my haircut is a little bit wonky.


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