Posted by: picanini | October 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday

has seen me do some frenzied washing.  An order of fabrics from O/S finally arrived around lunch today, so I immediately ripped open the envelopes and got to washing them.

These were ordered almost a month ago, and I presumed that they would have been here at least a week ago or more. Some are for the Darkness Falls theme we have going at the Cloth Pad Shop at the moment, so I don’t have much time to get going with them!

A couple were fabrics I’ve been trying to get a hold of for a little while now and was pleased to find.

It all started looking for this fabric that was requested by a lovely customer who wanted a custom set with this fabric – it’s arrived Sarah! I’ve already started cutting them out.

And last night I finally managed to finish hand sewing this daisy lace to this nappy. Remember when I thought perhaps the ruffles were started too low? This fixes it, but they needed to be hand sewn to be attached only to the minkee and not the hidden PUL inner. Tommorrow I’ll add the velcro to the wings and the nappy will be finished.

I learnt to use the buttonhole and button sewing function on my Bernina last week, so I can now finish the co-ordinating dress too.  I had to hand sew the neck binding on the back, which was holding up getting to the next step (the neck binding needed to be enclosed by another seam that will have buttonholes on it).

Tonight I’m going to ironing and perhaps cutting out more pads!



  1. I spy some peacock fabric. Love a good peacock fabric.

    Sweet set!

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