Posted by: picanini | November 5, 2012

It isn’t pretty…

but it’s it’s mine. My first ever only crocheted item.  When I was expecting my eldest child (Isaac, who is now 19!) I learnt  how to pearl so I could add to my ability to literally do a knit stitch and cast on, and I was taught how to follow a knitting pattern. I also sort of learnt a bit of crochet. I made  a little “hug me tight” which I nostalgically posted a pic of here, that had a little bit of crochet trim.

I was only able to crochet under supervision, and honestly, I really didn’t even remember how to do it so many years later.

A few weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet and start to learn again (it’s been on my to do list for a long time). I popped over to Pip’s granny square tutorials, which I found very helpful. But crocheting granny squares wasn’t high on my list of learning to do – I wanted to learn and remember the actual stitches so I could make many different things (and learning to do these via granny squares was a bit confusing). So I googled a free dishcloth pattern, and with the help of the links with it, this is my first item. It’s some cheap yarn (probably has some kind of synthetic component) that I bought when I was learning to knit in blocks of colour to make pictures. I’m sure you know those terribles jumpers I’m talking about! It was many years ago.

Do you crochet and/or knit? Is it normal for crochet to curl like that, or is it like knitting where it sits much better after it’s been washed and blocked? Maybe it’s got something to do with my tension?



  1. yes! like knitting it will lye flat after blocking.

    • Thanks Marjorie, that’s good to know. I didn’t bother blocking with this dishcloth, but I’ll be sure to when doing something bigger knowing this.

  2. Very pretty!

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