Posted by: picanini | November 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday)

Ooops! I was so involved with listing pads yesterday in any free time I had, that I forgot to do this till it was a bit too late. I’m starting to get that nervous panic that happens when you’re heading closer to Christmas/going away and have lots to do. Deep breaths in…

I worked on this last weekend, and when I tried it on, it wasn’t a great fit. It is the Everyday Camp shirt from Fishsticks designs. I measured, and was surprised to find that Gannon’s size was size 5 (he’s 10.5 years old). Admittedly, Gannon is slight (you gotta expect that when you’re not even a kilogram when born), but I wasn’t expecting that much of a size difference.

I made the size 5 from some old shirts of Richard’s I had kept for such purposes. Trying a new pattern, (and especially a new designer), I usually make a test run from nothing special.

So I’ve now traced the size 8 – hopefully that won’t be too big (I was going to do 7, but it only offers 5, 6, 8 and 10). The size 5 did actually fit, but it was almost impossible for him to get in and out of.

Regarding the Modkid patterns I mentioned last week, I’ve traced them and chosen the fabrics.  I’m going with a lightweight voile (on the left) for the Addison dress (the underskirt fabric on the right is a quilting cotton).

For the Frida, I’m going to use these hoarded Heather Ross’ Far Far Away prints.

Hopefully I’ll find the comic and Batman fabric so I can finish the last of my pad hero series, but you’ll mostly be seeing clothing items in the coming weeks.



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