Posted by: picanini | February 15, 2013

I’m stilll here!

It’s been quite a busy few months since I last blogged, and I won’t get into all the details about it right now cause it’s loooooong  The biggest news is that I no longer have a little one at home! Finn started school on the January 30th, which is the end of an era for me (my eldest is 19!). So it’s been a big step for him and for also me, which hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have hoped.

Finn's first day of school

Finn’s first day of school

But the reason I’ve decided to come out of my little cave to let you all know that I’m stocking at Gossamer Dreams tonight, alongside a host of other very talented ladies. The theme is Vintage Fair and there are some divine things on offer. It opens tonight at 8pm AEST (not daylight savings time), and only for 24 hours.

I had a really hard time narrowing down what 4 kinds of items I was going to do, so I think you’ll probably see a lot more of what was going on in my imagination for this theme in my store shortly.


I accidentally cut out the small rather than the larger size when I was making an example for Ruby to wear for modelling purposes, so this is a little on the small side and will go in the shop shortly. I’ll have to make her another!



This is a much nicer pic of her than the one of her with her brothers squinting (and without her pirate tooth that she lost later that week LOL)

Oh, and I’ve also drawn the winner of the $50 gift voucher (a couple of posts below this one). Winners have been emailed.

I’ll be back soon I promise!


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