Posted by: picanini | March 1, 2013

And now, back to our regular programming!

Sorry to appear and then disappear again…gastro has been doing the rounds at our house, and it hasn’t been one of those rapid 24 hr things unfortunately.  Hopefully we’ve seen the last of it!


This was supposed to be a WIP wednesday post, but I’ve been having issues with getting photos to load on this site, as well as some rather serious lap-top issues.

I’ve finally finished this dress (in the pic taken on Wednesday it was yet to be topstiched in  places). It’s a Modkids pattern – Frida dress. I made this as a little summer dress for Ruby, and of course finished it in time for the last day of summer. Gah! It should still well and truly fit for next summer as well though. It’s made with the delightful Far Far Away Princess and the Pea fabric (designed by Heather Ross). The print shows the Princess on top of her huge pile of mattresses.  I love her whimsical fabric designs!


I’ve also got a couple of other projects on the go. This is a night set for me – Tap pants and Cami. I found this pattern some time ago, and thought about using it to make something for mum’s for the Gossamer Dreams stocking earlier this month. Tap pants are a vintage style of underwear worn early in the 20th Century (I think the 20’s?). But I subsequently decided to focus on kids this time. This set is actually almost finished now – again, the photos were taken on Wednesday and it’s come along quite a bit since then. Fabric is a lovely and soft cotton lawn.

And finally, I’m cutting out pads trying to get some stock in the shop for the Cloth Nappy Hunt which starts today, as well as some for another little project I’ll share about another day. I’ll be back soon!


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