Posted by: picanini | March 8, 2013

Happy International women’s day – and a giveaway!

Today is the day that we internationally celebrate the achievements of women. Today I celebrate the fact that we have a woman prime-minister (I’d be just as celebratory if it was Julie Bishop or another prominent woman in another party!), and Governor General. I celebrate the fact that my daughter, nieces, future grand-daughters, female friends and myself can choose any profession in Australia that we wish to be involved in, according to our abilities and interests. I know the playing field still isn’t completely level, but we’ve come a long way.

I also reflect on the fact that women in many other nations are still struggling for  such basic issues as a right to live (selective abortion and infanticide of girl babies), and a right to an education.

One issue interfering with many girls continuing their education beyond puberty is a lack of access to menstrual products. As someone who makes and sells cloth pads, this is something I can do something about!

Over the years I’ve contributed toward various “pad drives” to get these products to girls who need them to continue with their schooling. But I would like to do something ongoing, and came across the organisation Days for Girls last year.  Their specific mission is to make sure that girls in developing countries have the menstrual products they need to keep going to school and work – to give them a chance at equality in their societies.  They’re always looking for more volunteers, people to donate, and even just supporters (they also have a facebook page – liking them is a great way to help spread their word).


I’m doing a little bit of sewing for them, and am going to try and get a local chapter set up this year.

And now to the giveaway…

Tell me about your ideal cloth pad. It could be something you’ve already got, something you’ve seen, or better still, something in your imagination (self cleaning LOL?). And of course, you need to tell me why it’s ideal!

Winner could possibly win their own ideal pad (if it’s a bit way out but not too difficult to achieve). I will post 2 regular sized pads to the winner. *Regular being the standard & curvy pads.

I will leave this competition open till the end of this month and will draw it shortly after.





  1. My ideal pad would be a long liner with the “wings” towards the back of the pad.. All the standard ones are up too high for me 😦

    • I’ll have a think and a play with that idea Michelle – thanks for your comment.

  2. My ideal pad would be a little longer in the front without losing length at the back 😉
    And a self cleaning one would be fab 😉 hehe

  3. My ideal pad would be long with wings non slip.

    Anything would be better than what I have- which is nothing. 😦

  4. My ideal pad would be one that has PUL all the way around (wings and backing made out of PUL, so no leaks through) & is also made out of dark fabric so that I can’t see if it’s got stains.

  5. My ideal pad would have a chalkboard cloth underside so I could write things I remember when finally getting two minutes to think to myself in the bathroom LOL
    (Hey with 6 kids ya gotta multitask)

  6. My ideal pad would be SPF and curvy made with no plastic back also will need anti hot flush system an chocolate detector installed! Steph x

    • Not SPF soft!! Darn auto correct x

    • I hope you’re not in a chocolate induced coma today Steph 😉 Anti-hot flush system and chocolate dectectors would be very popular I’m sure.

  7. Wings a definite (and longer wings at that) and wings that don’t ‘bunch’ after moving around a bit. Non slip, longer at front, and more padding in the section that, err, catches everything first!

    • And after further thought (and experience!) something a bit more flared and rounded on the back. Also a pad that just looks the same when you take it off as when you put it on (doesn’t show anything!) would be great!

  8. My ideal pad would be just super comfortable, organic fabric would be nice, dark colours to combat stains and no pul or plastic, the more natural fabrics the better!

  9. I would love to have something that catches all. When I was on disposables, it is always not long enough and always stain. Maybe something that absorbs liquid so fast it will not roll all the way to the back? and something pretty yet easy to clean!

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