Posted by: picanini | March 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday…

I’ve been busy cutting for the last couple of days. It doesn’t look like much, but I’m only showing you the pretties. Each pad and liner has 2 core layers and the petites have a layer of PUL, so it’s a lot of cutting. I do it all by hand with scissors, and the pads are quite fiddly as the core layers are small curves.


Both stores are quite low in stock of liners and petite pads, so I’m trying to make some more.

My littlest fella hasn’t been settling in to school as well as we’d hoped, so he’s mostly doing 1/2 days (which is unusual for QLD – preppies normally do a full day) to hopefully transition into being at school slowly.  3 trips to school a day and only half a work day each day has meant this year hasn’t been as productive as I thought so far.  But Finn will grow up soon enough – he’s not 5 till June. So we have a little more time by ourselves together till he gets there.


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