Posted by: picanini | March 21, 2013

WIP Wednesday (on a Thursday again!)…

What can I say – I got so absorbed in all that I was doing that I forgot to post about it!


I’m still working through a good number of pads and liners – I’m loving these vibrant purples and pinks! Next up are some blues, blacks and reds.

Did you see the pad mandala I put on the facebook page?


Here’s a close up of it.

Mandalas keep coming up in my life at the moment. I read some time ago that drawing and/or colouring them can be very theraputic and relaxing, and I’ve been looking for things to help with anxiety in life while we’re going through the change of circumstances we’re in at present.

Part of the issue we’re having with Finnlay at school at the moment is anxiety that he’s been going through as a result of the massive changes that come with school. He has always displayed tendancies toward anxiety, but because there hasn’t been too many things that have put him out of his comfort zone in his short life, helping him deal with his anxiety hasn’t really been an issue we’ve had to face often. And of course, having to pick up a hysterical child from school (which we’re now avoiding by having shorter days…which seems to be working so far) doesn’t do much for my own anxiety levels at 3am or any other time.

Be prepared for more mandalas!


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