Posted by: picanini | May 1, 2013

I’m back (again!)

And there’s a secret surprise Mother’s Day stocking over at Gossamer Dreams. There’s still some gorgeous things left there! Sorry I couldn’t tell you my special blog and facebook readers, but I was sworn to secrecy till the store was open for business today at 1.30pm.


I made these stretchy pants (they’ve sold already!)


and some yoga/pilates mat bags for this stocking. I had planned to make some special pads like last year, but life has conspired to leave me running out of time to get them done. You’ll see them in the store shortly – they’re made from some special fabrics.

I have also made and added some new pads to the stores (though I decided to close the clothpadshop store for this month as I’ve just got so much happening).


Something for the fans of vampire books and movies

There’s been alot happening in this house for a while with the children. We had an paediatric appointment at the end of the holidays for Finn down at the Sunshine Coast. While DH and I weren’t convinced that there was something to worry about, it was an (expensive!) sigh of relief to hear it from “an expert” that we didn’t need to worry about these things.

We were just starting to relax until we got a diagnosis 3 days later for the reason Ruby has been limping for the last month. She has Perthe’s disease. We are greatful that this condition isn’t life-threatening and she will eventually recover.  I’m trying to focus on these things despite the fact that I know she’s devestated that she isn’t allowed to do ballet or gymnastics, run, ride her scooter, jump on the trampoline (or anywhere) for an indefinite period of time. She’s finding it hard not to be able to run around with her friends at school, and she’s also in quite a bit of pain despite being on frequent anti-inflamatory pain-killers.  It’s very frustrating that even in the private health system, we won’t have more answers till we see an orthopaedic specialist till the end of July.  My rational self tries to focus on the positive, but as her mother, I really feel for her having to deal with all this – she’s already “different”  and excluded from some things due to her gluten, dairy and tomato free diet (I have to take special food for her to parties and there’s always lots she can’t eat), and this just makes it even more so. That makes my heart ache for her.

So this heavy hearted conversation was the reason I’ve been avoiding blogging. Sorry to be such a downer.  Hopefully we will have alot more positives to on focus again soon!


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