Posted by: picanini | May 15, 2013

More Gossamer goodness…

The internet has been playing up at the Picanini household, making all sorts of things difficult. The internet has just been one of many things that is turning life upside down lately and not making it easy.


Big Butt Baby pants 6-12months

Big Butt Baby pants 6-12months


I’ve been busy for this month’s Gossamer Dreams stocking – “After the Rain” is the theme.

Rainbow skirt 18 - 24 months

Rainbow skirt 18 – 24 months


Fortunately, my lovely Bernina is one of the few things keeping steady and going smoothly. Sewing this Rainbow Redondo Skirt (by Studio Tantrum for Farbenmix patterns) was a pleasure. It topstiches beautifully.

Rainbow skirt front

Rainbow skirt front

I’ve almost had my beautiful Bernina for a year now. I am truly in love!



This was a really fun theme to work with, and I just wish life hadn’t been as hectic as it has been lately cause I had so many ideas but just not enough time.


There are some absolutely AMAZING things available this month, so make sure you stop by for a look. It opens at 8pm AEST, but the products are now previewing.

Poor Ruby’s leg (and foot as a result of walking funny) seem to be getting worse. And I think the non-stop last month has taken it’s toll on Finnlay, which has made him tired and crabby. Unfortunately, this has led to problems at school again – which is a shame, because we were seeing some improvement.

Fortunately, we have been having a bit of fun outside of the home recently. I hope all the mummies out there had a wonderful Mother’s day? I spent most of the day away from my darling children, as Dh had a conference for 3 days in the Gold Coast, and I was allowed to tag along. I managed to find my eldest for a brief lunch together on the way back home (we went to the Cafe at the Natural Food store in Forest Glenn – absolutely delicious food!). We got home at dinner time. We’ll have a  do-over next weekend, when the kids can burn some toast and bring it to me in bed like a real Mother’s day!


The weekend before that, our family went with a group of friends to the Bunya Mountains. There were heaps of kids (I think it was 25 from 7 families), and they all seemed to have an absolute ball. Each of my children had someone their age and gender to play with – this doesn’t often happen!  I’ll post some more  pics and info about that another day, cause it was heaps of fun.

And the weekend before that, Dh’s parents flew up from Sydney for 5 days on a last minute whim so that was a fun and busy time as well.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the last month, I’m looking forward to life settling down a bit for a couple of weeks now.


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