Posted by: picanini | May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday – hooray it’s still Wednesday!

My internet is back and so am I!

Dortje wavy

The weather has suddenly turned cold up here – though I’ll admit that Hervey Bay’s colder weather (we’re generally hovering between minimum’s of 10 and maximums of 25) isn’t as cold as many other places. But we still need warmer clothing – this is a pair of Dortje pants I’m making for Ruby. It’s from the Sewing things Kids Love book again.

I’m also making something really exciting (not!). I washed my wedding dress last week – yes- you read that right, as it had been sitting for the last few years with all the crud from the wedding still on it and I’d never quite been able to part with the horrendous amount of money that getting it dry-cleaned was going to cost me. I managed to get it looking pretty much like new (google DIY wedding dress cleaning if you’re thinking about it), but the clothing bag it was wrapped in has had it (it’s got tears in it) and I need something to put the clean dress in to protect it. So I’ve cut several metres of calico (ironically also from the wedding – it was used as an undercloth on some of the outside tables) and am making a garment bag for the dress.

Anyway, I’m very pleased to be back properly in the cyber world. It’s been a long and frustrating few weeks!


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