Posted by: picanini | July 15, 2013

Where have we been….?

2 birthdays (and 2 planned parties), a virus or 2 (human and computer), school holidays and visits with family, the Mary Poppins festival are some of the things off the top of my head…


Pirate Finn on the morning of his 5th Birthday

Life’s never dull around here. We also recently bought a new camera, which I’m hoping will make it easier to get pics (though at the moment I still can’t work the wireless transfer) and better pics on here too. Though currently it’s making it all more difficult.


Gannon’s pre-birthday cake with Grandma, Grandpa and his Aunties from Sydney –  mudcake as requested.


Birthday morning with the cousins

Soldier Gannon

Gannon the Grotesque

We went to The Abbey Medieval festival in Caboulture for Gannon’s 11th birthday.

Finn the fierce

Finnlay the fierce

Ruby the Rotten

Ruby the Rotten

The kids had a ball.

fighting action

A fight!



Some of the costumes were amazing! So were the jousting horses.


More jousters

I think alot of the adults had a hoot too! I know I did. I can perfectly understand how much fun it would be to dress up in that stuff and have a good wack at another person in amour. There were lots of interesting things to see there, but because we took Gannon for his birthday, the majority of our time was spent looking at swords, amours and fighting.

Mouth of the Pumicestone passage and tip of Bribie

Mouth of the Pumicestone passage and tip of Bribie

We finished Gannon’s birthday by staying at a fancy apartment back in Caloundra – we lived in Caloundra for almost 10 years before we moved to Hervey Bay 2.5 years ago.  Here’s the view from our seaside Balcony

View of glasshouse mountains from our unit

And from the same spot looking West to the Glasshouse Moutains

Walking back to Happy Valley from Kings Beach

This is the stretch of beach directly in front of our unit. It has a wonderful park with a kids fort, ship and swings, with an expanse of lawn to play on and even a concrete cricket pitch to have a friendly game.

We stayed for 2 wonderful nights and had a wonderful time. It was all over too quickly though and we had to get back to real life with Dr’s appointments (Ruby still sees our old Dr in the Sunshine Coast for her Perthes) and then back to home for school and work the next day.

Is it just my nostalgic self, or is Caloundra not one of the most beautiful places on earth?

Picanini Toadstool cover small back

I haven’t achieved too much in the sewing department over the last month or so,


apart from some items for Gossamer Dreams


which is opening for business as we speak for 24hrs only

Zoo pants pocket

and some babies jeans for a Gossamer Dreams Team Collaborate for a Cause contribution.

Have you missed me?


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