Posted by: picanini | August 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday…

I know. I’m a shocker lately with blogging. My laptop is on it’s last legs – the hinge has completely broken (it’s been partly broken for about a year) so it has to stay in the one spot where the screen can be supported…not very convenient when the spot isn’t comfortable and is in the way of people. And the wonderful new camera is turning out to be a major PITB. Funny how you think something will make your life easier and it does the opposite! I can’t seem to download the new software on any of the other computers, so sharing photos on anything other than this laptop isn’t possible. Anyhow…what have I been up to you may wonder?

a line skirt front

I’ve been using another computer to view a  number of online sewing related classes. I’ve been a Craftsy memeber for a while now – probably a couple of years. But I’ve been slack in accessing most of the classes I’ve subscribed to.  I thought that I would change that over the school holidays, and started watching and participating in some. I also received a special introductory offer from Creative Bug, which I decided to take up on as well to learn a bunch of techniques etc online. I did a  couple of drafting classes – this is my A line skirt from the Creative Bug workshop with Cal Patch.

a line skirt back

I’ve tried to pattern draft before with some success (my gored skirt was great, but the last A line was a disaster!). I found this class great because the instructor went through the rhyme and reason of what she was doing – making it easier to understand what I needed to do. This is my muslin – made from some Ikea fabric. The fit turned out pretty great. I made a shirt too – I’m still working on the sleeves, but the body fit is good.

I know that Craftsy is offering an A-line skirt drafting class too, which I haven’t tried. Have you?

I’m also in the middle of sewing The Sassy Librarian Blouse which is a Craftsy Class. It is a great class, but I don’t think I’ve really learnt much so far.  But if you’re a sewing novice and want your hand held along the way of making something to wear, this would be perfect.


On the home front, I’ve been getting sick of ordinary bread, so have started a quest for something different. I found this interesting recipe, and of course, how could I go past it with a name like “Life changing loaf of bread”

delicious bread

This bread is amazing! It’s not for everyone – it’s a bit like Burgen’s Oat and Sunflower Seed bread, but it is HEAVY DUTY as there is no flour in it. Making it gluten free naturally of course! Naturally, the kids don’t like it.


I”ve also been working on a sourdough starter. It’s 12 days old, so I can soon start using it!

I’m sure there’s more to tell you, but I’m a little shocked after Patrick’s sudden demise tonight after which I was going to finish this blog post and my mind has gone a little blank!


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