Posted by: picanini | August 19, 2013

A whale of a time…

You may or not know, that Hevey Bay (where we live) is considered to be one of the best places in Australia to see Humpback Whales. Apparently the whales stop, rest and play in the waters between Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.

Whale fest2

As a concequence, Hervey Bay has a month of festivities that are based around the whales returning. Last Saturday night was the illumination parade – with the theme “protecting Oceania”.

Whale fest1

whale fest Ruby

There were a number of floats with the themes of rubbish in the ocean – which I guess is something pretty relevant, and something we can all do something about. I’d like to think that the products I make help with that. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have seen dirty nappies, pads and tampons floating or washed up on the beach!

Whale fest3

This is the Pacific Whale foundation’s float – I liked how they decorated the car pulling the boat with this wire sculpture. Hopefully they’ll get another  berth at the Marina next year!

Whale fest5

And how about this cute little ride-along whale!

Whale fest7

Half my photos ended up with this pair in them! Not sure who the guy was, but had had a great knack of getting right in the middle of my shots!

There’s still a few more things happening before the festival finishes, but the whales should be around till October if you want to see them.


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