Posted by: picanini | August 22, 2013

Book week 2013 – Read across the Universe

Read across the universe is the theme this year  – I think our school was encouraging space themed costumes…they’re a little tricky. I’ve never been much of a science fiction reader, which tend more to have “spacey” theme’s than most book genre’s. I did think about Superman (he may have come from American Smallville, but everyone knows he came from the planet Krypton), but both boys had other ideas.


Gannon is an avid reader, and his imagination is always running wild – particularly when sparked by books. Gannon is a HUGE Redwall fan – he still hasn’t read  the entire series, due to the difficulty in finding the books . This (and Deltora Quest) partly explains his desire to dress up as a Knight/Warrior/Medieval kinds of characters. So he decided to go as Martin the Warrior (though fortunately, I didn’t have to make mouse parts!). Finn was determined he would go in his Spiderman costume, so that was easy. Ruby is also a very keen reader – mostly into girly books. She kept changing her mind as to who she would go as. Her last request was a fairy – but I discouraged her out of that despite the fact that she’s always reading fairy stories (the Rainbow magic ones). There are always so many fairies…and princesses at the Bookweek parade. She is currently reading “Little House on the Prairie“, and I had thought about doing a costume for that, but it would have involved a lot of fabric and hassle. I suggested Wonder Woman instead  – she recently borrowed a Wonder Woman comic from the library. She decided that was a good idea, which is why I didn’t get to blog WIP Wednesday last night – I’d planned to, but I was costume making instead. We’ve had a couple of crazy busy weeks, not leaving much time for thinking about these things – so I made the starry blue pants and the red top last night. The gold appliqued scroll “w” was the most difficult part – the red and gold are some stashed Panne Velour I’ve had for years).   I told my hubby at 9.30 last night “this is when it’s great to have a sizeable fabric stash” – he replied with a harrumph of some kind.  I made Ruby wear tights underneath, as it was quite a cold morning. Unfortunately, they made the pants sit a little funny and bunch up a bit.

Redwall sword face

Gannon actually got this sword for his birthday last month – it was made especially for him in Kangaroo Valley, South of Sydney (near where I grew up). It’s beautifully made. The shield was purchased at the medieval fair we took them all to for his birthday.

paleo honey cake

On a completely different note, if you’re after a yummy gluten and dairy free cake, why not give this a try? We call it Yummy Honey Cake here. The recipe is from Elana’s pantry – it’s actually called Paleo Honey cake. I’ve made it a few times now – I omit the raisins cause my kids don’t like them, and substitute coconut oil for vegan shortening (cause I have it in my cupboard  and don’t have vegan shortening).


I’ll be uploading some of the Fairy pads tonight (just about to bury threads and snap these) and put up the rest in the next couple of days I hope.

Oh, and have you seen google today? Do yourself a favour and press play to hear Debussy’s Claire De Lune.


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