Posted by: picanini | August 28, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Sometimes work is just work

core pile

Tracing the template, cutting the cores and stitching them together is one of the less creatively inspiring parts of pad making.

Most standard and curvy Picanini pads have 2 layers of organic bamboo fleece (occasionally it might have microfiber or Zorb instead or as well) – as well as  a layer of PUL knit, a backing print and a top fabric. I trace and cut out of these components individually.  The upside to cutting out the cores is that I did manage to catch up on the last couple of episodes of The Time of our Lives. If you haven’t seen it, you can catch up from the beginning for another 25 days – it’s a wonderful (and scarily realistic in some cases) Aussie drama on the ABC.

purple fairies

Now I’m off to thread bury these so I can snap them tomorrow and hopefully have time to list them.


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