Posted by: picanini | September 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I’ve left the fairies for a short while, as I’ve been as I’ve been asked to do a custom order. A customer bought some of my training pants for her little boy a couple of months back, and needs more.

Trainer ring

So I’m working on some more. Some for the special order, some for the store. Sorry for the lack of cropping – I can’t work out how to do it on this version of software at present.

trainers close2

I’m still trying to work my way around the technology shemozzle between laptops and photos – I’ve added to it by purchasing a new phone last week! The back of my old phone kept falling off, the battery was almost had it, and it wasn’t a smart phone. So I purchased myself a new Nokia Lumia 520. I’m finding it great to use, but still have a lot to learn (texting is unbelievably easy though!!!). I tried the WordPress blogging app on it yesterday, but couldn’t work out how to toggle around various tools, so I’m back to the computer for tonight.  I also can’t seem to sort out using facebook as my business rather than the personal account on the phone…. I know that you can get a separate Apple app for facebook business, but haven’t found one so far for Microsoft/Nokia.

trainers close

Anyway, yadayadayadah. I’m sure I’ll work at least some of it out soon! Till then, bear with me.


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