Posted by: picanini | September 17, 2013

Music, music, music…

There’s been a lot of it in our house recently. Gannon plays the violin, and did his exams at the beginning of this month – there was lots of practise. Thankfully, it payed off, and he came away with a high distinction (not a proud mum much)!

Gannon violinclose

He also plays with the school band and was performing a solo at the school “music spectacular”.

Ruby choir

Ruby sings in the school choir. She was doing piano lessons, but I wasn’t that impressed with the teacher (I play, though not so often lately), so she’s not anymore…I’m planning on teaching her again myself shortly. I need to set aside a definite time for her lessons – we’ll see how that goes. Teaching piano to Isaac at around the same age didn’t work so well for family harmony, so…hmmm.


I finally wore the Sassy Librarian blouse out that I finished the other month (to the music spectacular) . The back looks ok, but I’m not sure about the front.


I’m not thrilled with the way the collar sits, and honestly, I don’t think it’s the most flattering thing. The release pleats at the waist seem to release their fullness right at my natural waist – making it full rather than tapering in and defining the waist at all.  And the busy print probably doesn’t help. Also, I think the bust darts are a little bit highly placed for me, so I may have to move them down if I make another. This was my “muslin”. I think this may be a style that suits ladies that need a little shaping, rather than those that have plenty of shape?


And finally, I’ve been asked to alter this. Finn’s class has a teacher’s aide (who was also there when Ruby was in prep) whom I know reasonably well. She’s asked me to alter the length of the hem on her daughter’s wedding veil – the wedding is in a couple of weeks. Its an easy and straightforward job, but the fact that it’s something to do with a wedding makes me a little nervous (cue nervous laughter!). I’m sitting here procrastinating about it right now in fact…


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