Posted by: picanini | September 28, 2013

Can you guess…

what we’ve been up to this afternoon?


Well, I’ve been glancing at the big screen and doing stuff online, child wrangling and snack providing. Richard’s dad has been a Hawkes supporter since a young lad, and so the torch is passed to the next generations.

Sorry I’ve been absent. I was still pretty ordinary for a while after school finished – I’m still recovering. I decided to take the kids down the coast for a few days early on Wednesday to see the family, catch up with some friends, and do some things.

I always pack with such great hopes of doing lots of crafty stuff and reading while I’m away from home, but often the reality is different. I don’t think I’m alone in doing that…? So I don’t have anything to show you.

Ruby sewing

I bought Ruby a little kit to do some sewing (I mostly bought it for the plastic needle, to do a weaving workshop with her on CreativeBug). We pulled it out when she complained before we left of being bored.

Ruby bird

She (and the boys) was also quite engrossed with this little bird. It’s a mynah bird – which I know is a pest, but it was a baby that she found having fallen out of it’s nest, and I couldn’t not help her try and care for it. We put it in a box after she a daddy tried several attempts to put it back in it’s nest. It kept hopping out and falling off the branch onto the ground! When it was left on the ground, other birds came down trying to kill it, so we couldn’t just leave it. It’s mum and dad (I presume) must have heard it’s cries on our back patio, and came over with worms and grasshoppers. We managed to keep it alive like this for several days, but on the morning we left for the coast, found it dead in the box. Ruby was devestated of course. We tried to console her with the fact that it wouldn’t have survived in the wild and that she saved it from a horrible death, but it wasn’t much of a consolation.  We had the backyard funeral before we left. The timing was fortunate, because I’m sure dad would have got the blame for the demise if it’d happened while we were away.


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