Posted by: picanini | October 29, 2013

Wow, it’s been just over a month since I’ve been here! It’s been a busy time…A lot of fun, but some sadness as well.

apartment panorama

We had a fabulous extra long weekend in Brissie –

City night

we stayed in an apartment in Spring Hill. Ruby had an appointment with her orthopaedic specialist on the Thursday before the labour day holiday, so Richard took a couple of days off work and we experienced city life for 5 days. We did lots of shopping in Queen st,  visited some great op shops (we LOVE Paddington), fantastic parks,

Thumbs up G BBQ

enjoyed a variety of different cuisines (Gannon surprised us with enjoying everything he tried at the Korean BBQ – he’s normally not very adventurous when it comes to food and particularly spicy food). had fun catching up with family we haven’t seen in ages. I even snuck in a couple of yoga classes

Then it was back to reality with a thud getting home later than planned and trying to get organised for school the next day. It felt like I spent the next week trying to catch up!

Sadly, Ruby’s chook, Dora, was looking unwell when we got back. She wasn’t moving around much and had started doing this strange thing with her head. She progressively got worse (and was having trouble with her vision – she’d go to peck at something and be off kilter, like she had some neurological problem). I gave her the epsom bath treatment, we fed and gave her water by hand numerous times per day as she wasn’t getting up and moving.  During this time, her sister Gertrude, stayed close by her. She didn’t range around by herself – normally they range around the back yard together.


Dora stopped eating and eventually died a couple of days later on Wednesday a couple of weeks ago. Ruby was very sad – and I was surprised how sad I was.  Gertie, it seems after this, had no will to live. She went gradually downhill rather quickly – despite our best efforts.


She died yesterday in my arms on Sunday morning while I was patting her – I was really cut up about it. I spent a good portion of the day in tears. I know that might sound crazy to many of you (I felt a bit silly about it – I grew up with a big flock of hens, ducks and geese and had never been attached to them), but it was just the way I felt. We’ve had those girls for about 3.5 years (here is the post about when we got them), and spent alot of time looking after them and they were only a small flock – given we don’t have any other pets, they have been given lots of love and care. I am telling myself that there is nothing wrong with loving someone or something and mourning their loss – whether it be a chicken, a dog or a human. It means that you loved and cared for them and that can never be wrong!

I hope to back tommorrow and back to normal!


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