Posted by: picanini | October 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday

pinned pads

The pad shelves are almost bare, so I’ve had to spend some time making some more! First up are some of the Fairies. I hope to have them finished and listed tommorrow.


And here’s my first version of the Collette Sorbetto  top (just got to pull out a few basting stitches) – it’s a free pattern, and I really like it. There are a number of variations of the pattern that others have done – some of which I’m hoping to try.

If you look over in my flickr pics on the sidebar>>>>>>>>>,

you’ll see the pics I’m talking about below. They’re on my phone and I can’t access it at present. >>>>>

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve also done a bit of work on the UFO (unfinished object) pile. There were a pair of summer jammies – these were another free pattern – from a big fabric website.  They’re called “tap pants and cami”. The cami wasn’t the best of fits – I had to do some tucking and I’m still not that enamoured with it so I won’t make the top again. But the pants are extremely comfy – though they do use up quite a lot of fabric.

Pics of what I’m talking about again over there >>>>>>>>>>

on flickr again. Will get them posted on here shortly

And I don’t know if you remember the gorgeous fabric that arrived a few weeks back, but I used some of Amy Butler’s gorgeous pinky/purple paisley rayon Chalis fabric to make this lovely dress. It is from the Creative Bug workshop with Gretchen Hirsch – the peasant dress. It looks much better on!

Ruby and Gertiesmall

I also made a couple of hats for Ruby

KJ hat

and myself (it’s had to get pics of me!). Pattern is the Make it Perfect Sunkissed Sunhat. Lots of summer sewing now that it’s suddenly made it’s way here and we’ve been found wanting somethings.


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