Posted by: picanini | November 13, 2013

WIP – I’m back

Actually I never went away. Unfortunately, the only thing I had to show you last week was very clean house with pristine floors and lounge suite. We had a house inspection last week, and (after a previous one scheduled 2 weeks before that was cancelled during the designated time due to the agent going home sick!) I decided that a major spring clean was in order – carpets and lounge suite cleaned by myself included.

apple fairies preview

Needless to say, I was extremely pleased to be back on machines and making creative mess again on Friday! I did make myself do some mending that had been aside for months before I was allowed to play. I’m almost finished these Apple fairy pads. They are topped with sherpa – which is a great fabric for heavy/gushy flow as it’s highly textured surface is very “grabby”. Once these are finished, I’m getting stuck into this set.


I’m always trying to think of special things to make for little boys – and this is one of those.  You’re always spoilt for choice when making things for girls, but boys you really have to look hard for fabrics/patterns/ideas that are a little bit special.

Tula ocean

And then some more pads!

I’m listing a few new pads and training pants that I’ve had sitting here to go tonight.


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