Posted by: picanini | March 12, 2014

Birthday girls…

As per my usual habits of disappearing, there’s been a bit going on behind the scenes.

ARuby birthday dress2

I think I mentioned that Ruby’s birthday was coming up – it was last Friday. The real estate agent decided to throw an inspection in the day before, so I spent the week either scrubbing the house or organising for the birthday and party on Saturday. I was up till Midnight finishing a special dress for her birthday on Thursday night.

ARuby birthday dress back

I think she’s pleased with it.

Arubys birthday dress hem

She’s got a dress up ballet tutu underneath, which really isn’t long enough to give it the pouff it needs. I think that will have to be remedied shortly.

There’s a bunch of pads cut out to get stuck into sewing, as well as some liners for a project…I’ll have to save them for another day as I’m really tired.

 Aparty jelly close

I’ll finish with some rainbow jelly for a bit of fun and brightness. This has become one of those things that started innocently enough, and has become such a favourite that I wouldn’t be forgiven if I didn’t make it.



  1. Oh hon the dress is just gorgeous!

    Hope she had a lovely day xxx

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