Posted by: picanini | July 1, 2014

More Birthdays! And here come the holidays…

3 birthdays over 3 post! And we have another one this weekend…

Boys blowing

My baby turned 6 about 10 days ago. We had a little get together (a kinda sorta not really joint party) with some friends – Kylie’s little boy is in the same class and turns 6 the same week also.

old computer

My old laptop turns 6 next week – it looks quite worse for wear compared to the child. Several years ago it had an incident where it was dropped by one of the kids which was the beginning of the end of the hinge. About 12 months ago, the hinge completely broke so I can’t use it unless it is supported against a wall. It also had a sharp object hurt the recharge cord. And then about 9 months ago, the start button broke off. Since then, I’ve been hot-wiring it (you know, like they do with stolen cars in the movies with putting several wires together!) to start. The little wires are getting shorter and shorter and it’s almost impossible to turn on and off. So I finally replaced it this week. It’s a steep learning curve using windows 8 – despite the fact that my Nokia phone uses it also. There is still so much data to get off the old one…arghhhh.

Ruby flannel quilt

Ruby flannel quilt back

And speaking of old – I started this flannel quilt about 15 years ago on a quilting weekend. All of the ladies did one of 2 styles of quilt, and this one was the one I was allocated – probably not what I would have personally chose, but I spent a bit of time on it and it has sentimental memories. However, it’s sat in a box since then waiting to be finished. When we were in Caloundra I found some flannel (a challenge!) that I thought would make a pretty good match for the backing, so I bought it – this was about 5 years ago.


Ruby quilt making  When trying to re-arrange my embarasingly large amount of fabric a little while ago, I pulled it out of the box and thought to myself that I’d have a little more room if I got this out of the box and finished it. It’s funny to think that I  couldn’t even begin to imagine when I was making the top I that my little 8 year old girl would be helping me baste it! So it’s finally finished and being enjoyed over these cold mornings and evenings.


I’m currently furiously working on this project when Gannon isn’t around. It’s a knit vest – “What big eyes you have” by Tikki (Georgie Hallam). Gannon is probaby the one who most appreciates me making him things, but is often the most difficult to make for – it’s hard to get nice fabrics to make suitable things for bigger boys. I know he wants a vest (he’s always admiring Finn’s milo’s) so I think he’ll be pleased. I think I’m up to the quick part now that I’ve sorted the cable neck out. His birthday is this Sunday.

I’m sure there’s more to tell, but I think I’m better to just get this out there. I hope all those with kids at home are having a nice, relaxing holiday!


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